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pwnedOrNot - OSINT Tool To Find Passwords For Compromised Email Addresses

pwnedOrNot uses haveibeenpwned v2 api to test email accounts and tries to find the password in Pastebin Dumps.

haveibeenpwned offers a lot of information about the compromised email, some useful information is displayed by this script:
  • Name of Breach
  • Domain Name
  • Date of Breach
  • Fabrication status
  • Verification Status
  • Retirement status
  • Spam Status
And with all this information pwnedOrNot can easily find passwords for compromised emails if the dump is accessible and it contains the password

Tested on
  • Kali Linux 18.2
  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Kali Nethunter
  • Termux

Ubuntu / Kali Linux / Nethunter / Termux
chmod 777 install.sh

python3 pwnedornot.py -h

usage: pwnedornot.py [-h] [-e EMAIL] [-f FILE] [-d DOMAIN] [-n] [-l]
                     [-c CHECK]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help                  show this help message and exit
  -e EMAIL, --email EMAIL     Email Address You Want to Test
  -f FILE, --file FILE        Load a File with Multiple Email Addresses
  -d DOMAIN, --domain DOMAIN  Filter Results by Domain Name
  -n, --nodumps               Only Check Breach Info and Skip Password Dumps
  -l, --list                  Get List of all pwned Domains
  -c CHECK, --check CHECK     Check if your Domain is pwned

# Examples

# Check Single Email
python3 pwnedornot.py -e <email>
python3 pwnedornot.py --email <email>

# Check Multiple Emails from File
python3 pwnedornot.py -f <file name>
#   OR
python3 pwnedornot.py --file <file name>

# Filter Result for a Domain Name [Ex : adobe.com]
python3 pwnedornot.py -e <email> -d <domain name>
python3 pwnedornot.py -f <file name> --domain <domain name>

# Get only Breach Info, Skip Password Dumps
python3 pwnedornot.py -e <email> -n
python3 pwnedornot.py -f <file name> --nodumps

# Get List of all Breached Domains
python3 pwnedornot.py -l
python3 pwnedornot.py --list

# Check if a Domain is Pwned
python3 pwnedornot.py -c <domain name>
python3 pwnedornot.py --check <domain name>


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