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RedGhost - Linux Post Exploitation Framework Designed To Assist Red Teams In Gaining Persistence, Reconnaissance And Leaving No Trace

Linux post exploitation framework designed to assist red teams in persistence, reconnaissance, privilege escalation and leaving no trace.

  • Payloads
Function to generate various encoded reverse shells in netcat, bash, python, php, ruby, perl
  • SudoInject
Function to inject sudo command with wrapper function to run a reverse root shell everytime "sudo" is run for privilege escalataion
  • lsInject
Function to inject the "ls" command with a wrapper function to run payload everytime "ls" is run for persistence
  • Crontab
Function to create cron job that downloads payload from remote server and runs payload every minute for persistence
  • GetRoot
Function to try various methods to escalate privileges
  • Clearlogs
Function to clear logs and make investigation with forensics difficult
  • MassInfoGrab
Function to grab mass reconaissance/information on system
  • BanIp
Function to BanIp using iptables


one liner to install RedGhost:
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/d4rk007/RedGhost/master/redghost.sh; chmod +x redghost.sh; ./redghost.sh
One liner to install prerequisites and RedGhost:
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/d4rk007/RedGhost/master/redghost.sh; chmod +x redghost.sh; apt-get install dialog; apt-get install gcc; apt-get install iptables; ./redghost.sh


dialog, gcc, iptables

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